Give me a cool double humbucker guitar for $1,500


Ok so I know this is WAYYY too broad so let me give you some context:
I love my Les Paul Standard and I know some will disagree but I'm too scared to gig it. I know they are meant to play but its just too precious to me to risk it getting messed up (like a broken headstock). I used to gig my Taylor acoustic and it got a nice scratch on it because of it, so please don't say "just gig the standard." I have an epiphone les paul that sounds good but it just doesn't have the juice for me.
I'm more of a gibson fan and I really like flying Vs and explorers so I'm thinking about one of those. Firebirds are the coolest but don't feel good to me. I picked up an eastwood flying V that I like a lot, so thinking about that. Also like the RD style guitars that are out there. You get the idea that I want something kind of funky, not just a superstrat and not just another les paul like a classic or something (though I am thinking about that too).

What do you think?


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AMS has Korina Epi Vs for $599.
Gig without worry.
Use the other $900 for something else.


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balaguer guitars has several models that would fit the bill and you can pick a lot of the specs.
Great suggestion.

I'd find a used, player's grade, either V or just get another LP and have at it. Just because it will be a different guitar than what you are leaving home, that doesn't mean it has to be a different guitar altogether. There's nothing wrong with having a gigging LP and a home LP.


My Gibson Midtown is one of my all time favorite guitars. I actually prefer it ergonomically to an LP, and it will give you that sound. You can probably find one used for well under a thousand.

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