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Glaswerks now employing the Keebler Elves......


Did I get your attention :).

I wanted to disspell misconceptions about Glaswerks amps.

I see a lot of comments that Glaswerks are not hand built. Every amp and board are built by hand.

Construction - Superoverdrive II and Overdrive Deluxe

This amps are built using the following construction techniques.

- Hybrid eyelet / pcb construction. All eyelets are hand set.
- All parts hand installed and hand soldered. No machines
- Virtually all connections in the signal path are eyelet to eyelet.
- Power supplies are 100% PCB (just like other suppliers). All connections to external parts are via hand set eyelets. Any parts on the power supply board that are used for tuning are installed via eyelets.
- No pcb mounted pots (except trim pots for bias).
- All sockets are chassis mounted.
- Flying lead construction from main board tube sockets.
- All amps built and tested by 'the old man'.

Construction - Zingaro Amps

- 100% PCB. All parts hand installed, hand solder.
- Only 2 PCBS - Mainboard and power supply
- Chassis mounted sockets
- Flying lead connections between main board and tube sockets.
- No PCB mounted pots (except trimmers for OD and PI sections).
- Amps built by my sons, Travis and Ryan.
- All tube selection and final testing by 'the old man'.

Thanks for reading.


Superoverdrive II

Overdrive Deluxe

Original Zingaro Prototype (new amps built in custom chassis).



Looks great!
How could anyone not think that's hand-built? Machine-stuffed boards look nothing like that. Too bad so many people have such a negative attitude towards printed circuit boards... they are SO much more reliable than those nasty old fiberboards!


Not to hijack the thread, but I recently bought a glaswerks amp off the forum here and man is it special. My best amp bar none. Thanks for putting out such a top notch product.


I've been inside my SOD II a number of times as Gary was advising me on some bright cap and HRM tonestack tweaks I was making to further customize my amp for my personal tastes and signal chain. First off, that's the kind of service and personal attention that was, at one time, only provided by guys like Dumble for famous clients and for many thousand of dollars! So, that's the FIRST amazing thing you get when going Glaswerks!

Secondly, as an EE who has actually put iron to solder in one of these beasts, let me tell you that servicing one of these amps is extremely easy and just like servicing any other 100% PTP eyelet board amp (which I also own and have tweaked). As part of my tweak sessions with the SOD II, I made a resistor swap on the main signal board and it was a walk in the park. The eyelets and the board itself are very robust, heavy duty affairs that could withstand many solder cycles without any issues. Built like a friggin' tank. The layout and parts placement make it easy to identify what you're after, which is also very easy to manipulate after you find it!

The quality of construction and materials in my Glaswerks SOD II is simply as high as it gets...and I have 5 other world class amps, which I have been inside many times, to compare it too. I'm not sure what remarks prompted this thread, but they obviously emanated from the font of ignorance or malice...or both.
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