Sold Glaswerks Super Overdrive SOD II - latest options - MINT LIKE NEW $3,300


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Continuing the "start a business" selloff, here is another one I will miss dearly.

This is the now legendary, coveted Super Overdrive II from Glaswerks, the 3-channel beast of an amp that does it all - Fender, Dumble, Marshall(ish) all in one glorious amp.

I purchased this new about a year ago with all available options and it has never left my house. Upgraded to the Dual Voiced version, with Desert Sky (80's ODS style with more gain) and De Leo (Fender style clean) voices on the clean channel. Also includes the new VariDamp feature, which is a knob on the back that controls the amount of gain in the power amp section of the amplifier.

Has dual reverb, the latest 5-button footswitch, etc etc. In new condition.

These cost over $4,000 new with a wait.

Will let this one go for $3,300 including shipping and Paypal fees.

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