Glyph Problem-Need your knowledge please!


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I'm running everything into a Glyph 050Q in my recording setup, but my laptop's Firewire drive sucks, so I bought a SIIG Firewire Expresscard that was suggested by a ton of people. When I plug in the card, it recognizes it and everything is cool, but after about 5 minutes, I lose it and can't find it anywhere on my Dell. I don't understand this, should I be using a power adapter for the SIIG card? Why isn't it showing up in either Cubase or Sonar to allow me to save my recording to the Glyph. If you know about this product, please give me your thoughts. Also, recommend me a good priced set of monitors that will allow me to listen to music and recorded material, I hear Logitech is darn good. Just lookin' for tips on getting better at trying to record. Thanks!

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