GN'R: Which song is it?


Use Your Illusion II is a great album. Use Your Illusion I......not so much. Locomotive is a great tune. That is the tune where slash blew out Jeff Beck's ears during rehearsal before a GNR show in which Beck was going to appear on that tune.

In 1992 Guns 'n' Roses arranged a 'Pay-Per-View' cable concert at the Hippodrome DeVincennes in Paris to be broadcast to fourteen countries in an attempt to reach people who couldn't see them live. Special guests for the show were Steve Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz and Jeff Beck.
As Jeff told MTV: 'I just got a phone call from my manager saying "Guns 'n' Roses have called me. Would you care to... Step onstage and do a number with them?" And I said, "Where?" "Paris!" I said, "Yeah, let's go!" They told me "Locomotive" [from Guns 'n' Roses' 'Use Your Illusion II'] was the song. And it's pretty, uhh, ... It's... A lot of changes in it. And I guess they thought I'd be all right for that for a guest spot.' Unfortunately, Jeff had to cancel his guest spot after the rehearsal with Guns 'n' Roses severely aggravated his tinnitus. An excerpt of the rehearsal footage from 5 June 1992 was broadcast on MTV on 29 June 1993 during MTV's Guns 'n' Roses' Weekend along with a short interview with Jeff. The rehearsal footage showing Jeff exchanging solos with Slash during 'Locomotive'.

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