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Godin xTSA ... Any Love? Users?


The title says it... I played one of these last week (at a jam, one "song" electric/mag pups only) and was fairly impressed. Anybody using one regularly - how does the acoustic sound? Tracking with synth? etc...

Jon Silberman

10Q Jerry & Dickey
Silver Supporting Member
I am so into my '99 LGX-SA. The LR Baggs acoustic PUP/preamp is amazing. Recently, I started a new acoustic-style indie rock project. The first time the bassist heard me strum a chord through my Fishman Loudbox Artist, he nearly dropped his bass - he couldn't believe it was a solidbody.


Platinum Supporting Member
I sold a LGX-SA about ten years ago and have regretted it ever since. The acoustic pickup is awesome. I never actually go into the midi part of it. Played with it a little in the store and it was really cool, but that's as far as I got.

I will more than likely get one again one of these days.

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