Going 4 the Gold --- Jetter GS-GOLD


:joSorry my last thread about this was misguided by me

Here it is modified ...

My mouth is watering for some more ... info.

Brad, the clip of the GS-black on your webiste sounds great. Could you help us better understanding the difference between the soon-to-be-available GS-gold and the GS-black.

You mentioned that the GS-gold is a cousin to the GS-Red. Will it be voiced to use it at "less-then-gig levels"? Is is heading into the Carlton-Ford tone arena?

And when will they be available for mere mortals to purchase ... please place me on your list for purchase (want to be the first on your list because I've grown a long white beards waiting for my name to get to the top of some others lists). :D


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Awesome! I can't wait to spend another $200.00 on another flavor of Jetter. How about putting all of these circuit boards into one BIG pedal, and charging about $400.00 for it? 'Cause I have the GSB. I'd like the GSR. But what about the Gold and the Black? Is there going to be a Silver and a White too? I know, I could just carry another pedalboard to the gig, loaded with my Jetters...NOT! Brad, I love ya bro, but can't you put these boards into one or two pedal enclosures and call it a day?


How many colors are they up to, now. Blue, red, black, gold?

I had to name the pedals someting and instead of trying to be clever, The Grundle Rub 5000, or some other such nonsense, I kept it simple. As anyone who has played the Gain Stages, they are distinct designs. Having said that, this will probably be the end of the road for the Gain Stage moniker (that isn't a promise however). The next pedal (and it is NOT even past the random synapse firing stage) will be a multi-channel. It will NOT be a reboxing of existing pedals.
The Gold, sonically, is a cousin to the Red. The feel is similar. But it has a very distinct note attack (almost like using a metal pick), it has about 25% more gain on tap, it is more aggressively voiced and it has a lot of harmonic overtone content. The Red purrs, the Gold growls. And, the Gold is the only pedal I specifically designed to work at lower than stage volumes but still scale-up when duty calls.


The next Jeetar pedal will be Platinum, followed by Diamond, Emerald, Double Emarald, President's Triple Emerald :D


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How about the Jetter ZIM? You would just insert different "color cards" kind of like an Express card in a laptop. A dual card version would be way cool 'cuz you could blend "colors." "Black" and "blue" for thrash metal? ;)

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