Going forward with a Fromel modification kit for my HRD


A gentleman that does sound at our church is an electronics wizard and always fixes my amps, pedal, and electronicals for the cost of parts only. What a blessing that is!! I recently acquired a USA made HRD that was apparently used very little and still has the original Fender tubes. I took it to him last weekend to give it a thorough once over, check the tubes, etc. He called me this evening and asked if I wanted him to order and install a Fromel tube amp modification kit. I've purchased pedals from John but didn't know he sold tube mod kits. Anyway, I agreed to have the amp mod kit installed and wondering if anyone else here did the same? Did you like how the amp sounded afterwards? Did the audio taper help make the amp more usable from a volume standpoint?


did you proceed? any update?

i've done a lot of digging on this topic and get mixed reviews.
I have a HRD iii with a vintage 30 in place of the stock speaker and it sounds great but i've been on a kick of modding some pedals and love doing it

but i've read that the new hot rods have rendered some of the mods unnecessary, i'm not sure how true this is or to what extent


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