Going totally pedal-less for the first time maybe ever...


I went to see a friend play with a band playing outside on a deck at a waterfront bar this afternoon. When they took a break they ask me to sit in. I had my Strat in the car, but there was no amp for me to use. At my office 5 minutes away I small pedalboard (tuner, Gt-500, carbon copy), pretty minimalist but adequate and a deluxe reverb. When I got to the office I remembered that I had taken the board home. All I had was an amp and a chord. I thought about just not going back, but I decided to give it a shot, realizing that the DR breaks up pretty nice when cranked. I played with them for an hour. The crowd dug it, and it was really fun. The other guitar player offered to loan me a blues driver but by then I was into the challenge. It was a good time. im sure others play straight into the amp. I had it cranked up to seven, the volume was about right. I've been playing out like this for forty plus years. This might be the first time with not even one pedal.


With an amp that actually sounds good it's much better. No need to mimic what a tube amps distortion sounds like when you're playing a good sounding amp.


for the longest time, I gigged with only a single boost pedal to bump it up for solos. channel switching amp covered everything else.

la noise

Cool story! :aoK

That happened to me once in the past year. Was in a total
panic when I arrived at the gig without my pedalboard, or
my toolbox with ALL of my cables. Had left it all at home---over
an hour away. :omg

Had to borrow a speaker cable and guitar cable from the bass
player just to play. Ended up going Les Paul into Mesa TA-30 all
night and had a BLAST. :banana

Of course, now I am back to my typical 4 to 7 pedals per gig old self. :D

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