Gonna build me a tele!

Hey all,

I've been seeing talk of partscasters since I got on this forum, and I finally got the itch. I want to build a parts guitar. Conveniently, I also want to have a tele! So my question is: since it's going to be black, do I go with a white pickguard, or a mint pickguard?

If you've got pictures to help convince me...please post 'em!

Southern ILL

Here are my next 3.....Hope it leads to building on a larger scale.:dude

Here is a slide show of my last Tele....Click on pic.

Go here to mock up what your wanting:


I use it for that or if someone would be interested in a build it helps me figure what it would cost....Great tool and I got some cool connections from using this site.:AOK

Scroll down and click on the Blackguard tele amd have at it.
Those all look super sharp. Love the slideshow of that last one you put together, very stylin'! And thanks for that link, I'm like a kid in a candy store right now :D

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