gooby bag of d*cks

Hiwatt Bob

this is NOT a joke thread.

this is a real pedal.

so i had a really big week for fuzz pedals recently. i got a d*a*m 1966, wattson superfuzz...but my favorite new acquisition actually ended up being this funny thing called the Gooby "Bag of Dicks". it's made locally here in the twin cities by a guy named casey gooby--who i guess used to work for Savage amps. anyhow. this thing absolutely pwns. i guess its based somewhat on a jordan bosstone (never heard one). it's kind of got the low-end fatness of a germ fuzz face but with a little more rasp on the top end like a silicon. it cleans up well like a germ (but not completely clean). it also has a subtle amount of octave up going on. and it reacts really well to pickup/vol/tone changes. can do some strange, but still very usable sounds.
i'll try and get some clips of this (and the other fuzzes) up whenever i get around to it. in the mean time, there's one that plays in the background on this page (doesn't do it justice by any means though).

here's a pic--i've got the censored version (which i heard is a limited run). i plan on getting the green uncensored version at some point for a back up.


cool sounding pedal. thanks for the clip.
Casey does repair work on my amps.

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