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Good air-circulating fan for outdoor gigs?


After seeing another thread here it got me thinking that I really need to pickup a fan for an outdoor show I have coming in a few weeks. What are you guys using? How big/hp do I need? This is a night gig so at least no direct sun but it will still be humid and hot, need to get some air moving.


I'd recommend a blower fan. They're small and powerful. They're a little more expensive than a regular fan but worth it.

The "Vornado" style fans do a good job but they tend to randomly blow things around more. They're perfect for the wind blown long hair guitar solo though.


Silver Supporting Member
I have used a blower fan for years and it works great. I found one that is gray and black and it almost looks like a piece of gear. On the lowest setting it moves a ton of air and is really quiet. I bought a Christmas tree foot switch so that I can turn the fan on or off by stepping on the switch. Plus, the fan isn't fragile like a lot of fans.
The blower fans are the way to go. Small, but very powerful and relatively quiet. They also usually have two power outlets on the side and extra power sources certainly come in handy. Each of our band members have one and we've never had any issues with them inducing noise in the PA. They are also small and occupy little space and are more inconspicuous than a box fan or other bladed type. In a smoky bar they can also be set up to more or less form an air curtain between the smoke and the band. We do this in particularly smoky places. One at an angle on each side of the stage is very effective. You'll pay about sixty bucks for a decent one, but they are worth every penny.

Lava Lamp

Just don't do what I did - I clipped my little fan to my mic stand. Drove the sound man crazy trying to figure out where the rumbling sound was coming from.

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