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Good amp to run in stero with orange tiny terror?


hey guys. this is my first post on this forum.

i have an orange tiny terror with two 1X12 orange cabs each with vintage 30's. I am looking for an amp to go in stereo with it, mostly for clean delays and such. it will manly be set on a clean tone and needs to be able to handle a few pedals. i also will put an overdrive on it once and a while. Diamond MK-3 and Voodoo Lab's Sparkle Drive. are the drives that i would be using on it.

i am looking at a few options but open to anything. head or combo amp is all right. spend up to $1200 no more. Thanks.


Senior Member
I can't help too much as I too own a TT and 2 1-12 Orange cabs. I'm also looking for a clean amp to run in stereo with the TT. I'm almost considering something like a Bassman in fact.
I've been using a Blues Deluxe to do this very thing.I love Fender clean!! You can get a new one for about $700,used $400. IMO- This will definitely do the trick,,,does for me!
A AC-15 would work well,,,but I have a AC-30 and they both run el-84's and have a very similar tasting tone.The Fender 6l6 tone is different and gives more dept IMO.I've tried both , and the Fender won in this test.A Blues JR. might be a good option also!?!


I run my TT alongside either a Winfield Cyclone (AC15 clone) or a Dr. Z Carmen Ghia. All of these are EL84 amps and each is 15- 18 watts, but they're very different from one another. I run each through a 112. You could also try a different speaker in one of your 112's to add more variety.

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