Good and informative pickup shootouts?


Lately I've been trying to find a decent pair of pickups for my Epiphone Les Paul. It's just that nowadays there are SO many to choose from and I've got to say that I've never really looked into the sonic differences between different pickups/brands.

Are there any good pickup comparison clips/videos that would help me to understand those subtle/noticeable differences? I've always thought that changing pickups is more like fine tuning as opposed to getting a night and day difference. There are lots of (not so good) shootout videos on YouTube but I've gotta say that usually it's pretty difficult to hear any difference because they are such low quality.



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Here's a guy I have found useful. His YT name is GrandZeppelinBand -

He's running a custom made LP and demo's various boutique PAF's in the same guitar and amp. Includes - Shaw's, Dimazarios, BareKnuckle, Scatterbraine and Tom Holmes. It's a good, albeit breif, demonstration of these great humbuckers, that's also easy to view as a comparison.

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