Good base amp to mod?

I ran across a chance to pickup a VHT Special 44 for about 1/2 retail today ($300ish). I don't know much about them and there's not much coming up via Google either.

Anyone familiar?

I'm specifically interested to know what sort of circuit they are based on, quality of the transformers, what sort of layout to expect (I'm assuming it's not a PCB based on the VHT product description), etc. My interest in buying it would primarily be as a starting base to experiment on with various mods.

I also noticed there was a Sovtek Mig-50 floating on our local craigslist too. Not priced quite as nice, but not bad. So, I could go that route as well.

Advisable Owl

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I know the VHT Special 6s were great for tinkering with. I don't see why any of them would be bad to experiment with.

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