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  1. cyb3rvampire

    cyb3rvampire Member

    Jul 28, 2006
    Hey guys,

    I have a deluxe memory man (that I love) and an H20 chorus and echo (great delay also). I've been looking at the diamond memory man delay, are they worth the hype? guys know of anyone who can make the memory man tap tempo? I'm looking for a good delay that I can put a lot of presets on for different solos/songs. how does the boss dd-20 do? I was looking at a Line 6 but I've heard that they give out easily, are they reliable?

    Give me any suggestions on what you may think a good delay would be for me.
  2. Moe45673

    Moe45673 Member

    Jul 5, 2005
    Toronto, Canada
    I'm loving my Boss DD-20. As I use delay for both reverb-type effects (using the analog sim and dialing in milliseconds [~200]) and tap tempo type overt delays (using a myriad of different ones, including modulation, tape, and even the twist effect), I don't see mine going anywhere soon. It also has 4 memory settings plus a manual setting (giving 5 instantly attainable settings at any given moment), a backlit display, and damn near indestructible BA'H.

    I even use the DD-20 as a chorus pedal, which it works great at! To set it to give a chorus sound, there's a setting in the back of the manual.

    I've heard about some things that are superior on the Line 6, such as looping (which I'm not into for live use) and the swell/sweep delay stuff (which looks really cool), but again, the lack of reliability, dedicated power supply, volume drop issues, and size of it just makes it too much of a hassle.

    I think I've heard the newer Line 6 stuff is more reliable (and for tonecore pedals, less prone to hiss), but don't quote me on that.

    Frankly, I don't think 500 ms is enough time for a lot of tap tempo stuff (e.g. slower ballady type solos).

    If you have the space, I'd use both the memory man (for reverb type effect) and the DD-20 (for everything else)
  3. nashvillesteve

    nashvillesteve Member

    Nov 22, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    You could always get a TIP 3rd hand for the delay pedals you already have and put it on the delay time control... not tap-tempo, but (3rd) handy, nonetheless.... one on the feedback control would be awesome, too...

    Maybe they would make a custom order for me with two snakes and an A/B switch on the expression pedal so I could control delay time and feedback with one 3rd hand unit....
  4. JohnLutz

    JohnLutz Supporting Member

    Feb 28, 2005
    I liked the Memory Lane better than the Memory Man. Thought it was less silly sounding at the extreme settings and the tap tempo is hard to live without.

    I think John Cusack modded a Memory Man for tap tempo but didn't promote it after the Memory Lane came out.

  5. hw2nw

    hw2nw Member

    Sep 28, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    not to sound like a dick, but there's a lot of great Diamond Memory Lane info here on this board. Try searching and I think a lot of your questions will be answered. Worked for me when I was in my delay shopping spree! :D

    Watch out though, it'll never end.
  6. cyb3rvampire

    cyb3rvampire Member

    Jul 28, 2006
    I'm aware of the the memory lane can do. I'm mainly curious about what the DD-20 capabilities are from people that own them and use them frequently. I was also wondering if someone could mod my deluxe memory man for tap tempo. Thats what I was curious about. Thanks. Any other suggestions for delay units?
  7. drbob1

    drbob1 Silver Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2004
    I'm going to sound like a nasty guy, too. There're are so damn many delay threads, with multiple recommendations, that anything we say here will just scratch the surface of what's available. Seriously, do a search and there'll be enough reading to take you all nite. There're several good descriptions of the DD20 vs the DD2 vs the Memory Lane out there as well. I like analog-for me it's the Memory Lane, the Aquapuss, the Yamaha E1010, but I'd be interested in a modded DD2.
  8. StompBoxBlues

    StompBoxBlues Member

    Sep 20, 2005
    under the stars
    It's hard to say without knowing you or what you want out of a delay, what you like.

    I too have been using an H2O (and VERY happy with it) for years, occasionally for variety switching to my Ibanez DE-7. DE-7 has a few more option, but the thing I love about the H2O is the ease-of-use. As you know it is dead easy to set the thing, and you really only go into runaway oscillation if you do it on purpose, as well as it is predictable...meaning it takes very little time to get to know what settings sound like without having to hear yourself...which is great for gigs where you need to have different delays. Also the "long/short" toggle, I find I can get a good setting that works perfect for "Red House" like echo, and just flipping the toggle switch gives me that nice "fattening up" or doubling without slapback (I like to hear, but don't play slapback).

    So that's what the H2O has going for it, plus of course, the nice chorus in there all in one pedal.

    As for the other one you mentioned. Did you mean "Memory Man" or "Diamond Memory Lane"? Or IS there one called Diamond Memory Man?

    Anyway, I recently bought the Diamond Memory Lane. It has a LOT of real fans, and a great rep. It does sound great.
    To me, there are a few negatives though.

    For one, needs its' own power supply. No biggie, just one more thing to plug in that I can't use my normal pedal power supply. For another, the size. At least with the H2O you have two effects, but the ML is wider than the H2O and takes up a LOT of space. I have to admit, I am not used to the controls, and it is taking a good deal longer for me to get used to what settings will give what sounds. It is a LOT more tweakable than the H2O, which might be a good thing, or not depending on your love of tweakability.

    The ML, at least for me and after I bought it I noticed also more posts from others that mention this, is WAY too easy to get into self-oscillation. At some settings you think you are safe, and you can hit one note a little harder and you get runaway osc. And there are not many "definitely safe" settings, because it has a lot of interaction and dependant on several of the settings...the tone control and feedback most of all, but working together.

    Those, to me, are the negatives. It DOES sound great, and I think as I learn it better I will be able to get some amazing sounds out of it. But I also tend to have the delay sound not so much featured but more as a small subtle effect. I tend to have the level fairly low, and I am not doing U2 kinds of thing or alternative where I will feature delay. Or I use it to slightly fatten up the sound. In this context, and because of it's instability (in my hands at least) and size, I probably will not be gigging with it. But I AM glad I bought it, as I think it will be great to use for recording.

    Other delay/echos I have some expreience with....

    I recently bought a Danelectro "Reel Echo" which is ALSO way too big, so I probably won't be gigging with IT either (or maybe if I cut down on some effects I will use it) but is WAY more intuitive for me, and sounds incredibly to my ears. It is a little closer to my heart than the ML.

    Also bought a Digitech Digidelay, which I love...the reverse echo is fun, and it has a lot of features. Here though, you have to remember which modes do what and what they are meant for. And it is not logical (to me) as even though they are meant to be different (emulating analog, reverse, delay, echo) I wish they had used the time ranges to go from least to most, but instead they seem to me to be more random, unless I am missing something.

    Other than in multi-effects, these are the only delays I am familiar with. I still think of all of them, the DE-7 and the H2O are the most "gig-worthy" as far as versatility, ease-of-use in a gig situation, and durability, as well as space (though there, the Digidelay doesn't take up much room either).

    If you tell a little more WHAT you want out of a delay, if you gig or mostly will use it at home or recording, what styles of music, and all it would be easier for folk to give you better advice!
  9. abuloso

    abuloso Member

    May 14, 2006
    The Pigtronix Echolution is basically the new Memory Man with tap tempo and a 20 second looping function. Does dotted 8th's too. And tweakable modulation. Overall the complete delay. Not entirely analog tho...sorta like the EchoTap.

    Designed by Howard Davis...just like the DMM.

    20 second delay...woohoo! The most I would use would be 1 second anyway... but still.

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