Good grief!!!!!!!! I give up..........


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I used to play this music exclusively for a few years. He is one of my favorites of the current crops. I actually am drawn to very few players other than Django.


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didn't make it through the vid
too many notes
no flow
no real melody to follow
sick chops though

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The man can play. Obviously just messing around in that clip, but damn can he ever play.

it's funny, you regular see threads about great players where people exclaim "that's it, I quit", or "i want to burn myguitar now" or words to that effect. If anything, hearing a true virtuoso always inspire me to play. I'll never remotely be one myself, but hearing players like that always remind me how much I love playing

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To the distracters: You do yourself a disservice by noticing anything about the way this performer appears. Absent a coment on his sound, you are "out of line". If his performance does not impress, you are welcome to explain your displeasure with irrelevant observations, such as "Whatever, he wears Tan Pants"... or "... he smokes".

The performance in the OP is technically mediocre. A series of impressive and often stellar mechanics begs a better composition. The gentleman is obviously capable of mind blowing moves, but this clip doesn't capture his best. It's kind of a mosh. In clip number two, however... his "**** comes out shiny and smelling sweet". Awesome!

Thanks OP, great stuff.

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