Good HB and noiseless single coils?


I have had Areas and Kinmans in a Strat, For me definitely Kinmans way more expressive and sensitive.


Another vote for Kinmans -- best single coil pickups I've ever tried (and not just because they're noiseless). Great but pricey.


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What about the other Dimarzios like the Heavy Blues? I'm not a huge fan of the area pickups either - they are super quiet tho.


I have to echo sentiments about DiMarzio Areas. Can't go wrong there. They sound great and are amazingly quiet....shhhhhhh. Nope still can't hear them. ;)


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I have a set of the Kinman Woodstocks in my Jeff Beck Strat and they have that vintage tone to them and are very quiet.


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Love the DiMarzio Areas. And if you can get past the 'rails' type pickup design, I really like The Cruiser model.

I also have to give a shout out to the Fender Hot Noiseless pickups. The only thing with those is they come with special value pots (don't remember the value, but it's not the typical 250k or 500k) and that might screw with the humbucker bridge.....

The Lace Sensor Emerald Greens are also fabulous if you are looking for a Texas Special type of sound. My favorite Lace Sensor, by far!


Fender Hot Noiseless sound great. The Vintage Noiseless sound really good too, just a bit darker sound than the Hot Noiseless and slightly less output.


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I have an ash body/maple neck strat.

I tried Lace Hot Golds and Holy Grails, they were ok, nothing awe inspiring.

I have tried most of the Dimarzio stuff, changing out of boredom more than tonal issues.

First was an air zone humbucker bridge area 58 middle, area 61 neck.

I find the 61 glassy, bright, and stratty sounding, thinner sounding but not in a bad way. 58 was really nice too. Had more sparkle than most noiseless.

Area 67 in the middle was bright and glassy.

Did not care for the Injectors. Not stratty at all, not supposed to be from what I read, but they were just bland to me.

I currently have a heavy blues ii in the bridge and virtual vintage 54 pro in middle neck. I like it. Fat bridge that isn't harsh and the 54s seem to have more punch and less sparkle than the areas.

I am sure I will try something again soon, knowing my track record.


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I don't mean to be the negative nelly, but I didn't care for the Dimarzio Areas at all. They did a decent job but really lost the smokey magic of a good single coil. I put them head to head with true single coils and they felt flat and lifeless to me. I'm afraid that I can't be constructive and suggest a better sounding silent single coil because I don't know. I too was also told, overwhelmingly to go with the Areas, so I figured that was the best out there and just went back to true single coils.

It might not be an issue if you play hard rock. I'm coming from a blues/jazz/country may also find that live, it becomes a non-issue.

There's always the Suhr silent single coil system too.
Noiseless have their plusses and minuses.

On the plus side they are noiseless and I think they take OD and Dist better than real singles

On the minus side NONE of them have the hi frequency sparkle that real singles have. They also lose a bit of lowend punch. These two things mean they DO NOT sound as good as the real thing when played clean.

Its a compromise. For gigging I think they are awesome. For recording I'd want real singles.

My favorite noiseless are the Bill Lawrence/Wilde L200's
Dimarzio VV are the runner up.

However when I got my new strat I went with the Ilitch humcanceling back plate.
Its not entirely noiseless but the reduction is at least 75% (more in the bridge less in the neck). There is NO CHANGE in tone! I think the pick guard version would be even more effective since its on the same plane as your pickups. I wish he had that option when I ordered mine.


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Lace Sensors!!!
I'm pretty sure they aren't expensive enough for TGP so they are constantly overlooked and snubbed here.
They are awesome!


I use DiMarzios in my gig Strats (Area 67's N+M, Virtual Vintage Bridge in B). They work fine though the combined positions are not as bright as real SC's (2+4).

For my vintage 66 Strat that I record with I added a dummy coil to the vintage Strat pups, which works great by losing some top and noise while hinting at a humbucking vibe a little bit. I put the dummy coil on the middle pup's tone pot so I can bring in just as much of it as I need (neck pup's tone is now a master tone). I just used a old cheap Japanese pup sans it's mags/pole pieces, and it's a cheap effective alternative to the various noise reducing back-plates out there.


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I haven't heard much about them lately but years back I got a set from Bill and Becky Lawrence ( Can't remember details but I think I got a pait of 280's for a Tele partscaster. Neck pickup is beautiful, sound like the Strat from that group Indigenous. Bridge pickup is nice but I could have gone a little hotter.

Bottom line is noiseless operation but without sounding like noiseless pickups.


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Bardens for some things, not everything, Lace Sensor Hot Golds, and Bill Lawrence 280's, all complete noiseless winners for me.

Kinmans I have heard in other's guitars and they sound great, but I personally would never spend that much money on a pickup.


I put a set of Fender SCN pickups in my strat. They are very nice and highly recommend them. I was lucky and got the last set at Musicians Friend. They don't make them anymore so you will have to hunt and look for them. I belive they were made/designed by Bill Lawrence.

roots rock

Kinman's are great. I have 2 on my strat (bridge is Fralin HB), and a set on my tele.

They stack up against the best pickups. I had fender N3's on my strat and they sounded dead.

IF YOU LOVE THE SOUND OF YOUR SINGLE COILS... is an ilitch noise cancelling system. ( I have this on another tele). I think hey would have to build you a custom one for your HSS.


Just put a Zexcoil TF3 in my parts-esquire and I really like it. It's very quiet and sounds great. I was using a Bill Lawrence 290TLE before and I liked it as well.

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