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Good speakers for JCM 900?


I have the early model JCM 900 2100 MKIII and right now my cab has an Eminence governor and cannabis rex but the cannabis rex is too smooth and the governor is nice but has alittle too much cone cry. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any recommendations? Keep in mind I'm really trying to avoid cone cry.


Senior Member
I think they used Celstion 75 watters, and Vintage 30's. Try the Hellatone 60L if you like Celestion tones. There are so many options now, Scumback, ASW, Fane AlNiCo 100 W, Weber, Jensen Blackbird. All are great. Depends on what tones you want. Blues, Country, Rock, Metal, Modern Metal? Different speakers for different styles.

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