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Good Strat Type Guitar With Floyd/HSS


Gold Supporting Member
I'm in the market for a Floyded Strat type American made guitar with a non-recess Floyd, one humbucker and two single coils. Anyone out there making such a beast? Charvel was making them but I cannot find one with the layout I'm looking for. TIA!


You can probably find a Floyd Rose Strat and swap out the bridge pickup for a hum. Jackson has their DK2 with that pickup config and floyd. Carvin will build you that guitar any day of the week.

The only thing I'm not certain about on those models is the non-recessed part.


Don't know if modding an existing guitar/assembling your own is an option, but...

I put together my own HSS Superstrat. The base for it was a Fender MIM Floyd strat body that my girlfriend bought me for my birthday. Got it a Warmoth neck, and now it's got a Dimarzio Air Zone, Area '58 and Area '61 in it. Couldn't be happier with it!

So you could always pick up a MIM floyd strat and upgrade from there.
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Dave L

You don´t see that many standard models being offered without a recess these days, but maybe you can live with blocking the Floyd for down-travel only?

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