good verbrations vs. wet?


anyone care to compare/contrast these 2 reverb pedals. I would like to get a nice quality digital reverb pedal, and these both are in similar price ranges, and both are compact, and mix the digital effect with the dry signal (as opposed to complete ad/da conversion.

any thoughts?


I am very interested in this comparison too. I want to use something in my Maz 18 Jr NR and Quinn SDO FX loops that doesn't alter the dry tone at all. The TC Nova Reverb has some excellent buffer specs (as does the Wet), but it also does an A/D/A conversion on the dry signal, so I know I can do better. Of course, the 'verb has to be killer too!

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I've got a WR and had a Verbrator which should be close to the GV.

I tried a lot of reverbs in the loop of my Mystic and the one I liked best was a RoomMate in a parallel loop box (Wet Box).

I didn't like the digital trails on the Verbrator, RRR and WR in the loop. I also tried a Demeter but found it way too bright.

I'm now using the WR up front into my clean Marshall and Vox, after OD pedals, where it sounds excellent.

I also liked the sound of the Spring Chicken with the Wet Box but foolishly didn't buy it.

Bottom line is I hate my dry tone being digitised, phase changed, or messed with tonally.

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