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good ways to re-amp your amp?


well, after looking thru the firestorm that is the UA thread, I'm wondering what are the best ways to reamp your amp?

for example, I have here a H&K redbox, which is a little battery powered box designed to go between your amp & speaker, with a line out.

could I plug my 100w amp into a big resistor ( or weber MASS type device ) to carry the load for the OT but be silent....crank it, and run the line-out from the redbox into a power amp?

aside from cranking the amp, can this give me any flyback voltage the amp wouldn't normally see if it was plugged into an impedence matched cab/speaker?


*edited for spelling...I have one of those thinline MAC keyboards and it's real easy to make typos!!
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How about putting an appropriately sized power resistor on the amplifier and then placing a potentiometer, say 50kΩ across it and then adjust for suitable level? I have no idea what it would sound like because you don't have the action of the speaker motor on it, but it should be safe.


I think you'll feel like you squashed all the tone out of it by doing this. ymmv of course. If you're going to play around with it, start with a lower powered amp, or get some JJ 6V6s in it. I thought the Red Box was for recording. I don't know if they ever come up on ebay, but you should keep an eye out for a PS Systems 'Power Tool' in working order.


Are you refering to re-amping a track you already recorded? I'm a little confused so sorry if I'm off base with your question. But when tracking guitars, I usually will be mic'n 2 cabs and also use a di into a third track for re-amping later if needed. For re-amping I'll use the radial x-amp which has 2 output or you also have the reamp v2.0 which and Michael Wagner's re-amp box which does 4 outs I believe. Radial also has a multiple out re-amp box and so does little labs.


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The red Box is supposed to have some speaker simulating eq applied, so, it is a good thing to use as a DI.
I have tried the power resistor rig and been disappointed.
I have also had a Rocktron Juice Extractor, which is basically a power resistor followed by an adjustable eq section, also disappointing.
A THD Hotplate still wouldn't let me go from clean to scream due to a limited dynamic range that occurs as you attenuate.
None of these sounded as good as modern pedals for OD.
Save your amp, find a good pedal, imo.

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