Got anyone you love making music with?


Might be your current band, might not. Might be no one maybe you have the absolute most fun on your own.

There's a couple of people I love playing music with - used to be in a trio with them, they're great mates and were at my wedding and we kinda got the old band together (2 guitars and drums though.. I used to play bass but not that day) and it was a total blast, most fun I've had musically in forever.

A fortnight ago, a local venue owner hit me up for a solo gig on a Monday night - I thought, Monday night, what the heck, and invited one of my mates to come join me (guitarist), he jumped at the chance and we went in completely unprepared and unrehearsed - same night I got the call as well.

We go in and absolutely own it, everything just works perfectly, every time I play with him (or the other friend, or both), I feel it's all just so in sync, feels right. We both had a load of fun doing this duo thing and the punters loved it and were dancing and **** too - on a Monday night!

The owner was cool with me just rocking up with another muso btw. Cool dude.

We tore the joint up and have already been invited back and will be playing as a duo this Friday night, more people on a Friday.. should be good. Already got a name - Head On Collusion. It was either that or The Lawyeahs.

But yeah. It's just interesting to me that I feel totally different things playing music with these guys than I do playing in my band or on my own.

Curious to see if other people here feel the same things when playing music with certain people - share your stories!

There's a certain connection or something, can't explain it.
I have a stupid grin on my face the entire time we're playing.
Just feels good. :/


My cousins. One is a drummer, the other a guitarist. Many siblings and cousins, but these are the two where the chemistry is at.

Most people I jam with need to know keys, chords, time signatures, riff demonstrations, and time to figure out unfamiliar swings/grooves/patterns. Then it's a matter of running through the song a few times until it all comes together, a slow and steady process of pushing out the boundaries. With my cousins this all occurs in real time, with no need for guidance to find/follow the pocket - chops, musical intuition and golden ears - you could play anything from rockabilly to funk to metal and they'll have it bagged within a measure or two.

As a kid, I expected hitting the ground running like this must be the jamming norm, but sadly, it's been an isolated experience.


Interesting thread.
I've been friends with B for thirty years.
There have been times that we have hated each other, quarreled, avoided each other, but our deep musical bond keeps us forgiving each other and getting together.
We were both experienced players when we met and inspired each other immediately.
My knowledge and influences filled spaces in his, and vice versa. And we both continue to grow and learn.
I'm very lucky in that regard.


My trio, both guys are like brothers to me, and we connected musically instantly.


My current drummer. He moved to the area a year ago, but we had been in a band together 12 years before when I lived in Tennessee.

He is actually a multi-instrumentalist and many of my favorite original songs I co-wrote with him. He's just great at coming up with riffs. We've gone as a two piece a few times which is fun as we can just bust out songs that are really new. He and I have such a mental link and body language down we can pull that off, dynamics, tempos, changes and all.


My wife plays bass so that's definitely one right there!

There's a local drummer I jam with and we often transcend into blissful planes of existence together. I guess I'm lucky because I have several different projects going on and it's pretty common for me to feel like we're outside ourselves and floating on a big, comfy wave.


For me there are a couple guys:

My current drummer is quite an inspiration for me. He's a young guy who is trained in Jazz from an early age. He can play all the shuffles, swing like a mofo and has great dynamics. He learns tunes with relative ease and plays them with style. He always brings the house down with his drum solos. He has a great attitude as well.

My former tenor sax player is the other guy who when I play with him it is just magic. He is one of the strongest music readers I have met and usually doesn't need once a chart at all he has played a song. He makes everyone step up their game. He is phenomenal and hasn't even realized a quarter of his ability yet. Never plays the same lick twice. He's studying in Kansas City with Bobby Watson but luckily back home for a week and playing a New Years Eve gig with me. He's a real show stealer when he solos.
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Both the female vocalists I've had in the last several years. I could just play duo stuff and be very happy.


I had been making the cl rounds; auditioning, and no different than dating- it was 'the Twilight Zone' for the most part.

no dynamics
volume wars
tempo issues
ability level

it's so funny how you can play the same songs with different people and have SUCH different vibe!

but- just like dating- it's a 'numbers' game; more cracks at it you take, more likely to 'find a fit'

And as said above- THAT'S when it feels GOOD

after a couple go rounds recently, ended up with some guys that seem like "friends you might not have seen/played with for 20 years" and yet it all falls so sublimely into place...(oddly; they feel same towards me)

another couple guys I have played on/off with for 15 years or so, and that's just like comfy old shoes.

wherever you find it, I just suggest you find it.

^^^So sappy; must be the holidays getting to me!


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I have a few friend who can go in any direction real-time in most genres and make it sound good, whatever it is and that's really fun.

I have more friends who need to be hand-held through multiple rehearsals of just a handful of songs and then have difficulty pulling it off unless it's wanker-simple. Making up something in the moment is, for them, akin to deer-in-the-headlights panic unless it involves no more than two chords and has the most basic plodding overly-trodden rhythm.

-bEn r.


Yeah I am very lucky I have a number of people I love to work with on music both in bands and separately


I taught my daughter to play bass when she was around 16 and played in band with her for about 6 years. I showed her the roots and she locked in with the drummer.


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At different times, I've met two people in my life, both multi-instrumentalists, that I was able to truly make music with; music that was meaningful to me and hopefully to them, as well...

It's a rare and wondrous thing, communication without words - I hope I'll be able to experience it again.


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Any of my musician friends that I've known for years. It's always special getting together to make some noise and drink some beer.


There's a long-time friend of mine who expressed interest in playing music together around 1990 or so. Unfortunately, he only was familiar with playing the sax. He was okay, but being a good friend, I gently took the sax away from him and handed him a bass guitar. He took to it immediately and has since become quite an accomplished musician. We both play in two different bands together and do the occasional wine & cheese gig for grins. Doesn't matter what we play, or who we play with, the two of us have a unspoken connection when playing.

So yeah, this is a cool thread. I've played with a lot of folks over the years, some good, some impossible, but this one dude is like the yin to my musical yang. Hard to explain, but the musical connection is kind of magical and feels like it can go the distance in just about any situation.

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