Got My Strat Back! (Positive GC Content)


I have a '95 Strat Plus that I bought new and was my number one for many years. A couple of years ago the frets in the "cowboy chord" part of the neck started to rattle and buzz. First thought, "Oh no, can't afford a refret."

So the Strat sat in the corner for a while with huge strings to put enough tension to keep it from fretting out. As much as I love my LP, I started to miss the Fender. I finally talked to the guitar tech at GC (I know) and he told there was a possibility of a partial (read cheaper) refret.

He said let's first restring it and find out where we stand. So I asked him to put some Hybrid Slinkys on there and give me the bad news. I came back in a few minutes, he had it strung and there was no buzz. I'm no guitar repair expert but I've been playing forty years and I was pretty sure there were some toasted frets. Maybe he snuck in a truss rod adjustment.

So I went from thinking a month ago it was going to take >$300 to fix my guitar and in 15 minutes the guy in GC had it fixed for $20. Unexpected happy ending.


I don't want to be a "buzz" kill
...but you must face the reality that your almost 20yr old Strat will eventually need a refret if you play it often enough and do note bending and finger vibrato. Your number will come up one of these years.


Maybe tune it down to C# std and capo the 3rd to give those frets a rest ;)

Are we talking really low frets? Because surely you could get them levelled a couple of times before you need a refret? I hear it's best to nip that in the bud, once they start to go you need to level them ASAP or they will deteriorate faster with playing.

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