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Gotoh 510 vs Fender 2 Point Trem


Have a 2012 Deluxe AM Strat that I am considering changing out the trem unit on. The main reason for doing so would be to improve the angle of the trem arm. On the stock Fender arm, there is really no upward angle on the bar. So you don't really get a long if movement before the tip of the arm hits the pickguard. From what I have seen in pictures, it appears that the Gotoh are is similar to what comes in their locking trem- meaning that there is an upward bend in the arm- allowing more movement before bottoming out. Can anyone confirm this? Also, would there be any noticeable difference in tone between these two bridges? Thanks!


Silver Supporting Member
Fender arms are easy to come by why not just bend yours to your liking?

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