Gov't Mule...where do I start?


I love all the Mule stuff. The 2 previous to the newest one I wasn't real fond of because Gordy Johnson's producing really ruined what Mule can be. Thankfully he didn't do the new one.

Gov't Mule is a band that has evolved since the begining. Not all of it by choice due to Woody's passing. I think it would be a great musical journey to start at the beginning and work your way through the catalog.

The self titled first release and the second release "Dose" are a must to understand how Mule started and the base of their sound. Both should kick your ass in a great way. Raw power trio ass kicking music! The early live stuff is really good as well.

Enjoy the Mule!
What is it about Gordy's producing that you don't like? Just curious. Some of it I like and some I don't. I think the albums have a nice grainy mid range sound that definitely works for some songs. Brand New Angel in particular. I just think, as much as I LOVE Warren, he's written a crazy amount of filler material since Dose. Probably one of the reasons why they still play so many covers live.


Reading through this thread, I can't help but agree with all the responses because, they're all good. There's no wrong answer (except maybe the raggae album they put out). I'd start at the beginning. The Georgia Bootleg set is truly a masterpiece, but like with all live cd's, to really appreciate it, you have to know how the studio versions sound. Then it just puts it over the left outfield wall, deep into the seats. You'll be properly blown away by the studio albums, then blown away again when you hear them live. Trust me.

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The ones with Woody are a completely different sound than the ones with out. I would start with the ones with Woody.


I agree. The early albums just have a vibe. But it's all good.

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Huge Mule fan here. The first 3 studio albums are incredible. The Deepest End is great representation of breadth of what this band does post Allen Woody. I also highly recommend "Mulennium" & "Live w/ a little help from our friends" (if you can find a used copy of the extended version on Amazon, grab it). These two live albums capture Woody era Mule perfectly, not to mention a near 30 minute version of Afro Blue with Jimmy Herring.
There are a lot of great live vids on Youtube... it's free to explore as much as you want, and as been said before, Mule is a great live band.

Muletracks is also a great resource... they've recorded countless live shows for years, and it's almost all available on-line for a modest price. Note that Mule is perhaps one of the greatest "cover" bands out there... Warren has the ability to make other people's songs his own while retaining most of their essence. Love his version of some of the classic rock songs.


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