Grab and go pedalboard based on Metro 16


I'm joining with a new band and want to build a pedal board for it.

It's a thrash band and given location I will mostly be using rented or whatever backlines are around.

The rehearsal spot uses Blackstar HT100s, gigs could use pretty much anything. Whether or not I'll be able to bring my full rig to gigs depends on the gig really. So, for this, assume I'll not be bringing any amplification just using whatever is there.

the band is thrash metal (Slayer, Onslaught, Overkill) type stuff.

Guitar is a Jackson DK2M tuned in Drop D.

I'm looking for a pedal board that I can commute with, ergo the Metro 16, with everything I might need on it. I'd rather not go much bigger than the Metro as I'll be dragging this around the London Underground with the guitar in a gigbag. I'm going to live without a wah so I need to cover every other base I possibly can. So that's a decent meaty rhythm tone, solo tone and potentially cleans if required. I'll also need to power everything. My current DC Brick is otherwise engaged and my incoming Voodoo Labs Pedal Power is destined for a different board. So need to consider power requirements, assume I have nothing.

So far I'm thinking:
- Boss TU-2 tuner. Already have one spare.
- Boss DS-1 to cover any rhythm tones assuming the amp either has a good dirt channel and needs a little push, or no dirt channel available and all rhythm is the Boss
- Boss DD-7 to cover solo tones
- Some sort of chorus pedal, maybe a Boss CE-5

I know I've said a lot of Boss, just looking for what's readily available. Budget, ideally not breaking the bank so want to keep away from loads of boutique things. Unless there's something around that will cover loads of bases. I'd also like to keep away from fiddly modellers and multis.


If you like Boss, I'd go DS-1, MT-2, CE-5, DD-5, RV-2, that will cover all your'll probably want a noise reducer at that point though


Probably another OD pedal and a booster. If you only get a clean amp you can set the DS-1 for rhythm, add e.g. a TubeScreamer in front for more gain for solos and put e.g. a small EP booster after for solo volume boosts.
I have a PedalTrain Mini like that. Fuzz > KOT > EP Booster > MXR Carbon Copy Delay. Under the board I have the Pedaltrain Volto for power. The KOT is on the left side Distortion and on the right side OD. For me this covers any amp situation, is super light and a great grab and go board if I don't want to schlepp around my gigantic door size board. The Volto lasts a couple of hours on one charge, but can also be plugged in if needed for wall power while charging.

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