Grad School For Jam Banders 2: incorporating The 2-3 Clave with Rock Solos

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    Over a classic "Gap Band" groove. This approach has a rhythmic motive as the rule, with notes plugged in as an afterthought, which is "Putting Notes To Rhythm", as opposed to putting rhythm to predisposed melodic or harmonic devices, i.e, "Rhythm To Notes".
    The scratches are exaggerated on purpose to highlight the next passage in which notes replace the scratches, making them non-existent.

    A 2-3 Son clave is used at first in which the high notes are the clave accents, and the intended rests are replaced with the lower notes.

    Then a 2-3 Rhumba Clave motive is used with the same note arrangements

    This was not executed as well as i liked. I would've preferred more picking dynamics in that the lower notes should've been softer with the high clave accents picked as recorded, among other issues. This vid should be good enough to get the idea
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    Very nice.

    Good reminder of rhythmic devices. I haven't thought about claves in a while. After years of strict alternating picking where both strokes sound equal, it would be a bit like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time to make the higher notes softer than the lower notes, particularly at that tempo.

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