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I was considering stalling a Graphtec Ghost 13 Pin system in either my current Strat or Les Paul. There is a very good local luthier but her cost would be around $1000. I believe I had come across a post on TGP about a shop that had a flat rate of this kind of installation that was considerably less. I searched the forums but nothing came up. Anyone know where I can get a better deal on the install?


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Check out iGuitarWorkshop. They did a killer job on my Parker Fly. I replaced the Fishman system with Graphtech and added a 13 pin interface and wanted someone who wasn't going to be figuring it out as they went.


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I have put in dozens of Roland GK3, Graphtech Ghost, and RMC systems in Parker Fly's, Strats, Les Pauls, even steel and nylon string ukuleles! - $1,000 is CRAZY high for an install in my opinion.

Here are some pics of mods I have done in Parker Fly's:

Here is a Deluxe with Graphtech acoustic and midi mods (utilizing Roland GK s1/s2 switches) with custom heavy duty switches and PTP re-wire:

Here is a Dragonfly with the same Graphtech mods and Roland switch mod:

Here is a white Deluxe with a GK-3 mod, retaining the original pre-refined ribbon electronics, RMC metal jackplate instead of the plastic Roland one:

Here is a pre-refined Deluxe with a Point to Point rewire (push pull tone knob splits both humbuckers), and Graphtech Hexpander only mod:

Here is a Stealth that got a GK3 mod, though after this pic it also for an RMC mod (DUAL MIDI FLY!!!):

I also did a Classic with an RMC mod, and a 6-way Freeway switch for the humbuckers, pretty complicated wiring, and that one got a custom backplate, pretty cool - too bad I can't find a picture of that one!!!
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$1,000 is CRAZY high for an install in my opinion.
I agree, shop around. Yikes!

I replaced the Fishman system in my Parker with the Ghost Acoustiphonic system and I'm very tempted to add the 13 pin Hexaphonic system at some point.

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