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Great Grab 'n Go 1x12


Staff member
Dr. Z Prescription Extra Strength 1x12 combo. Just came back from a checkup at my local tech (Bill Potter in WPB, FL -- quite a legend with uncanny electronics history and chops), who also took care of a couple minor issues.

Just loaded it with a matched quad of NOS Russian 6n14n (7189) power tubes from our TGP brother PerryR (GREAT cat; I've bought a number of ANOS and NOS tubes from Perry. He knows his $hit up/down/sideways and some killer testing equipment - never, ever bought an even remotely bad tube from him -- highly recommended). It also has an NOS Siemens ECC83 in V1, Dario EF86 in V2 and a perfectly balanced NOS Ei ECC83 long silver plate in the PI slot.

I am using a Scumback 65w M75 speaker. Amp is dead silent. Sounds fantastic.


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