Great guitar rock albums since 2000

Lotsa great suggestions in here so far.

A few that I didn't see yet:

White Stripes - "White Blood Cells" (remarkable album)

Electric Wizard - "Dopethrone" and "Witchcult Today"

James Wilsey - "Eldorado" (instrumental)

anything by Elder

also, the whole genre of doom metal / stoner rock has really blossomed this millennium, check out related threads for more recs in that direction
Dopethrone is sick! As is Dopesmoker. -S.
my favorite guitar work on rock-oriented albums since 2000 (in no order)

John Mayer trio stuff
all the White Stripes albums and some of the post-stripes stuff that Jack White did. Raconteurs were a very guitar-friendly band
Radiohead is somewhat guitar driven (though it varies from album to album)
Tool (all albums)
Audioslave - debut album
Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder album
Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen album
Beach House - Teen Dream album, Depression Cherry, and Bloom
Deadsy - Commencement (downtuned/distorted guitars layered with guitar synths)
Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost (kind of surf rock inspired indie)
Sigur Ros - most albums but especially Agaetis Byrjun... super influential in ambient/post rock world
Creed - first three albums. Tremonti's playing is very unique and i love his melodic rhythm playing against his riff playing
Deftones - white pony album is great but the first three albums all have good stuff
Jeff Beck - You had it Coming album is great and one of the few guys from the 60s/70s that was still doing creative stuff later in his career. a lot of people like the live album at ronnie scots
Kings of Leon - only by night (some cool stuff and i like the minimal playing)
Silversun Pickups - carnavas (imo the guitar work is very post-smashing pumpkins)
St Vincent - Strange Mercy and the Self titled are great for guitars and incredible albums all around
System of a Down - Toxicity album
Bon Iver - self titled is a great album with very weird guitar sounds but i really like it. very unique player and arrangements and the album is great as a straight through listen.

I would say Tool, Audioslave/rage against the machine, Creed, and System of a Down are a natural place to start if you were a grunge guy as they are all very clearly contemporary to the post-grunge movement.
Thanks for putting so much thought into this! I am appreciating all of the suggestions, guys!
They're all great but Last of Our Kind is my favorite.
Killer Rock n Roll.
I agree, and they're good and fun live band too.

Some others:
The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts, Chutzpah!
Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers, Traffic and Weather
Def Leppard - Def Leppard
Hey, Guys! I’m a pretty big grunge & Alternative 90’s rock guy. I graduated high school in ‘96. I struggle to find newer music that I’m really into. What rock albums of the last twenty years or so should I check out? I appreciate the suggestions! Thanks.
Any Album by ‘Band of Skulls’
I'm sure you know about at least some of these, but I just recently did the same digging after good, new rock music as you are doing and these are a few of the albums I came up with:

Metz: Metz
G.o.d D.a.m.n: Everything ever (full stops in band name to prevent censorship)
Strange Wilds: Subjective Concepts
Cellular Chaos: Diamond teeth clenched
The Wytches: Annabel Dream Reader
Nine Black Alps: Candy for the Clowns
Idles: Ultra Mono
Protomartyr: Ultimate Success Today
Shame: Drunk Tank Pink
racks of fun.jpg

a lotta good CLUTCH records in thar...
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a lotta good CLUTCH records in thar...
Woah, a SNOT sticker!!! Didn't figure anyone around here would know about them, lol. I'm a fan. Big Clutch fan as well. They're still great to this day, but I got to see them back in 1995 during the S/T and Transnational Speedway League times. They were a bit of a different band back then and crazy good. Neil used to do a whole lot more scream/singing back then and their music was heavier. They were the opener for Filter during the Short Bus tour.

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