Great Rock Bands that should have had more commercial success ?


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For me it will always be "Love." Incredible songs and so far ahead of their time. But Arthur Lee was dead against touring (actually he was afraid to leave California) so they just stalled.
"Forever Changes" does show up on a lot of top album lists, but they could have done so much more...


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I suppose everyone’s idea of ‘ commercial success’ is different, but a lot of bands posted in this thread aren’t missing any meals. Like...

Govt. Mule
Widespread Panic
Blue Oyster Cult
...probably even Kings X.

So many regional bands that Just never took off on a national level, including Good Rats, like...

The Clarks
The Willeys
Mamas Pride
Michael Stanley Band
Head East


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Some recent bands that should get more recognition:
Backberry Smoke

Mount Carmel


John Quinn

Yep. Was too young to handle being famous, and had little in the way of good role models.

His issues are more related to having Asperger syndrome - and his myriad of addictions overcoming his ability to deal with his Asperger syndrome - then being famous. He's still a fantastic songwriter - and thankfully he is rebuilding himself out of the spotlight.



Lived next door to the lead singer and his girlfriend for a couple months. Used to see these guys at a Grape Street Pub in Manayunk PA. Man, they were great live. I thought they were really good. Side note, in the late 90's/early 2000's, I used to go to grape street all the time, (lived across the street). There were many times, when I would see an act there, and think something like "how the hell is this band/person NOT making it yet?" So many good acts.
The guitar player Doug Kennedy is a good friend of mine. I didn’t know him when he was active in the band but he did play a lot of their music for me and I thought it was great.

John Quinn

I read the first two page, skipped to the end and wondered if anyone mentioned Jellyfish
Andy Sturmer is why JellyFish didn't become a huge band IMO. By most accounts he is neurotic about fame and being 'in the spotlight' - and doesn't respond well in business matters. That said I own both albums - and regularly listen to them.

So I raise your 'That Is Why' and offer 'I Wanna Stay Home'.

It's only six o'clock
When my day begins
There is always my alarm clock
To wake me up again

When I realize the weight
That's firmly on my shoulders
On my shoulders
I just try and find the place
I can take a walk on my blind side
On my blind side

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