Great Rock Bands that should have had more commercial success ?


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Sons of Champlain
This band is/was amazing and got such little attention outside of the Bay Area. Saw them many times and they remain one of the tightest, most soulful bands anywhere. Bill Champlin is/was a force of nature, incredible songwriting/vocalist and was a pretty darn good keyboardist/guitarist as well. He went on to bigger, not necessarily better things (Chicago, writing with Earth Wind and Fire).

Cold Blood was another from this same time. Lydia Pense was such a dynamic and explosive singer:

Also, whenever one of these threads rise to the top, I always mention my favorite band:



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A couple of NY bands...

some hard core


The singer was a little rough for me but the guitar player was FANTASTIC and i heard that he gave Zakk Wylde some lessons


I think they had some very mild success

Some GREAT grooves and ruffs by these guys, they have some good tunes

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Pulse Ultra. I remember hearing this band when this album came out, maybe around 2000? I loved this album, but I don't think they had much success.



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Big Head Todd & The Monsters

This is a great song...

Thing about BHTM is they could have been big. MTV, back in the day, wanted a video for Bittersweet and the band did not want to go that corporate route, for what was a very personal song. That's why they formed their own label very early on in their career. They have always had a lot of artistic integrity, like them or not.

I've seen them 10-12 times, they always delivery live. Very underrated bass player in addition to Todd's obvious Hendrix leanings. Me likey, big time:)
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Some great bands mentioned already.

For me, it's The Badlees. They had a bit of national airplay with Angeline is Coming Home and a tiny bit with Fear of Falling, but nothing sustained. Really fun band with a lot of great wordplay in their lyrics, fantastic musicians and great harmonies. The first CD Diamonds in the Coal has a ton of great songs but the production didn't really capture the essence of the band.


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They are the blueprint of what every established band should be. Minimum of a 2 hour headlining set, varying setlists night to night & more often than not, genuine graciousness towards their fanbase post concert. The only time out of the 15 times I've seen them that I can recall where they didn't hang out with the crowd after the gig was when Dave was sick as a dog.

Oh, and not to mention Dave Meniketti is the best damn lead singer/lead guitarist going.



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I've seen them 10-12 times, they always delivery live. Very underrated bass player in addition to Todd obvious Hendrix leanings. Me likey, big time:)
I have now seen them 7 or 8 times including three at their annual Red Rocks home shows. They never once have disappointed me... great set lists and the occasional surprise cover.

There are so many good songs by BHTM... and Todd is such a gear hound. Adding Jeremy to the fold just rounded them out. Both Jeremy and Todd have amazing tone and cool guitar gear. Jeremy should be more known for his lap steel playing too.

Morgan Hill

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Chickenfoot comes to mind, as well. Killer rock band. Sammy said it didn’t continue because it was like “pay to play”. A damn shame to because those 2 studio albums are fantastic. Great live band as well.



One of my favorite bands, since seeing them open for BOC in '76. It was the last show of their first tour and the board recording is available at Starzcentral. Fun fact: the drummer and bassist were in Looking Glass of "Brandy" fame.


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