Great Rock Bands that should have had more commercial success ?


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+1 on Starz .... saw them 2 years ago, older but sounded great ,,,started listening to them more after that ....'Cherry Baby' is a classic ...

White Limo

Melvins. Damn if they don’t put out some beautiful stuff and get no respect.
As much as I love the Melvins, they were always way too weird for huge mainstream success. But bands like Nirvana acknowledged their influence, not to mention every sludge band on the planet - and that has given them a lot of credibility.


The Ramones. I've been on a Ramones binge lately. I had a chance to get into them in 85 when I was 16 but couldn't get past the minimal playing. Fast forward to 2010, I'm looking for something to listen to on Youtube and type in Ramones, and then got the beauty of those songs. Damn shame I never got to see them.
The Melvins compared to some bands are probably doing ok . They survive they tour with a couple as members of another band REDD KROSS . Are they making Led Zep money nope .

The Sons of Champlin a combination of maybe shooting themselves in the foot , tragedy and Clive Davis . Gawd dam WELCOME TO THE DANCE was such a great album . A band that had a following more rabid then the deads at one point



Lived next door to the lead singer and his girlfriend for a couple months. Used to see these guys at a Grape Street Pub in Manayunk PA. Man, they were great live. I thought they were really good. Side note, in the late 90's/early 2000's, I used to go to grape street all the time, (lived across the street). There were many times, when I would see an act there, and think something like "how the hell is this band/person NOT making it yet?" So many good acts.


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I forgot to add these guys - Mother's Finest.

Mother's Finest
My whole life I've always been stunned how few people know about Mother's Finest, especially here in the South.
Yeah, I saw them play when I was about 14, and was totally blown away. I think that they were ahead of their time - major radio wasn't ready for funk-rock yet.
Side story: I’m sitting in the local shop playing various guitars and the current guitarist for Mother’s Finest, John Hayes, walks in with his ‘59 Strat that he wanted repaired. I got up and looked at the guitar, had a little conversation with the man and then went back to my random noodling at the other end of the shop. After a while, he wandered over to me and asked “Are you a songwriter?“ “Yes” I replied. He said “You play like a song writer.” and walked away. Don’t know what he meant or if it was good or bad. Back to you......


I always thought these guys deserved more recognition than they got. They just came on the scene at the wrong time.

I was visiting a cousin in Detroit in 1990 and they opened for Rick Derringer and Edgar Winter and they came out afterwards and hung out,took pics, talked with anyone who wanted to speak with them and were very very cool. I wish they had gotten bigger as well

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