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GREAT story from Randy Bachman about "Takin' Care of Business"

Julio Iguana

Randy Bachman has a music documentary called “Every Song Tells a Story” from 2014. This story and others from The Guess Who to BTO are included, and he and band play parts of each song. I found it on TUBI.


I caught him recently, with his brother, on the Beatles sirius station and they were dissecting Beatle tunes for about 30 minutes. Good stuff!


Silver Supporting Member
I interviewed Randy for my undergrad thesis for my music degree back in 2003; super awesome guy with lots to say. He also comped me 2 tickets for his tour, which was the “Every Song Tells a Story” one. So many great tales behind his hits, but the TCOB story was one of the best ones.

He also recounted a time when the Guess Who almost got drafted into Vietnam, when they were going down to the States for a gig. Glad they avoided that!

Think Floyd

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When I was a teen I loved my Not Fragile and Four Wheel Drive albums! To be honest, those were the only 2 BTO albums that I ever owned. After graduating in '78 I went in the Army and by the end of the year I was in Germany. While there in '79 I started teaching myself to play guitar, and I came across a cassette tape of Randy's new band Ironhorse. Love it! I've always been a fan of Randy, and we share the same birthday too!



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You know......I never really realized the piano in that into until this interview. Now I couldn't imagine it without it. Wonder what he got paid?

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