Great Tone = Matchless Amp + _____ Speakers?!?


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Fill in the blank!

Just considering some speaker options for my Chieftain 2x10 combo. I like the original Matchless speakers, but I'm curious as to how it would sound with a mismatched pair - maybe keep one in and throw in an alnico?? I don't know. I'd like to think a good alnico in the cab would sound sweet.

My main excuse would be for recording purposes (i.e. having two flavors to blend), but this damn TGP always has my mind on something!

Any recommendations and/or suggestions are appreciated as always!


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Your's is older so it's probably got the G10L35s in there now, right? Matchless is now using the 10" greenback as their stock 10.... If you want a mismatch, I'd swap the new greenback for one L35.

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