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There is thousands probably
Black Sabbath is the closest thing I can think of to actually starting a genre and then later creating a new sub genre in Doom.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn made so much possible it might well be right there though. One of first Brit voices and the entire thing going away from the American strain of music. This album was hugely influential on Punks, Bowie, the German Kraut rockers which opened so many avenues and partially paved the way for Rap, Metal, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles themselves, Brian Eno, on and on.

Marquee Moon Its just simply great. Timeless but also part of that wonderful scene. Maybe not as many influences or movements started as some of the others. Just simply great.

Velvet Underground & Nico made so much possible. Still riveting.

Bill Withers Just As I Am Towering.

MC5 Kick Out the Jams
Mothers of Invention Freak Out
Led Zeppelin I ( I might leave out due to it really kinda also being the Yarbirds,....maybe, sorta)
Van Halen I
Are You Experienced?
Moby Grape
Taj Mahal
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King Mighta helped usher in Heavy metal and def Prog. Still sounds scary and awesome.
Neu! As timeless as it gets IMO
The Cars
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
The Pretenders
Killing Joke
Iron Maiden
Licensed To Ill Beastie Boys


Lightning to the nation diamond head. Massive influence for nwoghm and thrash. Love Hendrix and the cars, even afd... But Boston wins this one. If the cars album is a greatest hit, Boston is like the best songs of that entire year all genres. I once read it was the best selling debut album till bootie and the blowfish. But I doubt none can name 5 songs off hatbf that isn't a fan of them. Most people can, 35 plus can recognize every song on Boston.


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Bozz Scaggs
Blood Sweat and Tears
Janes Addiction
Velvet Underground
Jeff Beck


Boston was a great one My pick for best debut album would have to be Led Zeppelin 1 :) other honorable mentions would be Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced, Mahavishnu The Inner Mounting Flame, Pat Metheny Bright Size Life, Queen self titled
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Boston's debut album by definition, ensures that everyone KNOWS exactly what you are driving at. It was that good overall and that encompassing. And commercially at the top of the chart. So it defines the genre.

The only one that comes as close to this threshold for me is Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced. There are a lot of other great DEBUT albums, many that are mentioned above, but few received the amount of air play across ALL all tracks as Boston.

Likewise, every tune on AYE is a classic.

The other criteria that I'm not sure is being applied here is the DEBUTE ALBUM ENDS UP REGARDED AS THEIR BEST. Boston never had as good an album as their first (IMO). Most of the groups - Led Zep, Doors, Beatles, Sabbath, Hendrix, CSN, Cars ....mentioned by posters in this thread - went on to greater glory afterwards.

Great DEBUT albums with the largest number of well known song tracks contained therein might also include....... Lynyrd Skynyrd 1st, Heart - Dreamboat Annie. Anyone ever listened to Captain Beyond's debut album? That one ....... f'in blew me away.....
Cpt beyond debut is incredible and a mix of genre, the subsequent album left me wondering what happened. I also like dust featuring the Ramones drummer doing some impressive non punk beats


Oof. I don't feel like digging through the thread to see if this has already been thrown out there.

But Wheezer's Blue Album (not the actual name of the album but.. it is).


Many possible choices. In no particular order,
Led Zep
James Gang Yer Album (my favorite)
Grand Funk orange album - not sure if it was their first, but a great one anyway.


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There are too many posts to go through, but if no one yet mentioned Marshall Crenshaw’s first album, consider it mentioned. Also the Bangles.

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