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There are a lot of great albums being mentioned here. But I would define the best debut album as being the debut album containing the most songs I've heard on the radio at least 10 times in my life. Using that yardstick, the only album that comes to mind is the debut album from Boston. I have heard EVERY single song on that album in heavy rotation on the radio for decades. I can't give rightly give that title to any other debut album, as no other has really even come close to matching that feat.



There are a bunch.

AIC - Facelift
Pearl Jam - Ten (which was also their last great album).

But for kicking everyone and everything in the butt all at once, there was this. You just had to be there when the radio exploded.

Actually by definition there can't be more than one, or a bunch.

Posting more than one kinda defeats the intent of the thread.

But ya fun times everyone post dozens yaaaay!

; )

Every single song is a classic rock radio staple.
I agree. There are many good first albums; someone mentioned Crimson. But the first Boston album had good songs, was technically great, and pretty much founded a genre. The same could be said for the first album by Nightwish (which, interestingly, like the Boston album was actually just a demo(!) released too quickly by the record company—-which makes the technical perfection involved even more astounding).

I don’t think that the first album is anywhere near the best for any of my favorite bands, except perhaps Nightwish (though, like Maiden, pretty much all are good).

Check out Great out of the Gate on the blog of Rich Kamerman, Kamertunes.

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