Greatest Female ROCK Vocalist Poll

Best/Favorite Female Vocalist poll

  • Ann Wilson (Heart)

    Votes: 218 42.8%
  • PJ Harvey

    Votes: 15 2.9%
  • Pat Benatar

    Votes: 46 9.0%
  • Linda Ronstadt

    Votes: 39 7.7%
  • Liz Phair

    Votes: 9 1.8%
  • Janis Joplin

    Votes: 54 10.6%
  • Joni Mitchell

    Votes: 13 2.6%
  • Patti Smith

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • Patty Smythe (Scandal)

    Votes: 5 1.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 107 21.0%

  • Total voters


I'm shocked Pat Benatar is not more highly-regarded here. She's my obvious choice. I like PJ Harvey a lot, but Benatar stands head and shoulders above.

Not sure how Tori Amos is suggested here, and especially not with an "/thread" doohickey. You cannot possibly mention Tori Amos without talking about Kate Bush, and the only reason i don't have Bush at #1 is the matter of classifying her as "rock."
Tori Amos > Kate Bush

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I wonder how Patty Smyth’s career would have gone if she had accepted the invitation to replace DLR in VH.

Eddie’s wife Valerie Bertinelli was a huge Scandal fan, and I think Eddie may have had a crush on Patty as a lot of us did!

But I remember hearing this on”King Biscuit Flower Hour”?...

Eddie plays lead almost thru the entire song!



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In the Rock realm... Ann Wilson for sure, followed by Benatar... both are still incredible vocalists

Janis was more of a Blues singer (and a great one) in a Rock band, IMHO

Now, if we’re talking greatest female singers, regardless of genre... the whole conversation changes. For one, the list would go on for a while before any “rock” artists even appear on it (Aretha, Ella, Etta, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Streisand, Gladys, Whitney, Celine... the list goes on & on, honestly)

The likes of Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, Chrissie Hynde and some others mentioned here - while all great artists in their own rights - don’t even belong in the same category as all of the above, FAIC
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