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Greatest Rock Band ever


I frikking love the Byrds...almost every recording they did...and most every band David Crosby has been in...but DC was an A-hole for most of his famous years...really mean. Most band members don't want to have anything to do with him anymore. Byrds broke up due to severe drug and personality issues. They could have been the best easily if they'd got along with each other and themselves. So...I can't put them on a list of the best.

The Band...Hmmm.....I think they were the total package. GREAT songs. GREAT recordings....GREAT live shows and with enough longevity. I saw them with Dylan in the Chicago Amphitheater...now gone in favor of the United Center. It was a good show but the venue was not really kind to them. Dylan's solo set was phenomenal even in that massive place. The Band is one of my go-to favorites but I only actually saw them that one time...so I didn't include them. I'd like to see them in a 3,000 seat space, not a 30,000 seat space.
I grok you Yuro but I still have to put the Byrds and The Band in the All-American roots pantheon, they're definitive, I'd have put the Flying Burrito Brothers on my list as well but they only put out one consensus masterpiece LP, it wasn't quite enough

Crosby was great in the Byrds, Draft Morning alone seals the deal for me ..... he was pretty nice to me personally when I met him, we chatted about a Neil Young concert we had both been to the night before ..... but I've

The Band live ... well early on Robbie had the stage fright of course but you know how killer Rock of Ages, Live at Watkins Glen, and The Last Waltz are, I credit them for getting it together .......... but I never got the chance to see the real deal, not even close, they retired before I could drive

Before the Flood should have been better, it's a bit off, in my opinion, as a huge Dylan fan


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i think you pretty much nailed it here except maybe the last one for the 90's would be nirvana, soundgarden or pearl jam
My heart says Soundgarden but they lack a large body of work or extensive touring. My head says Pearl Jam as they tick both boxes but I don’t believe they have had the legendary impact of the other great bands listed. Nirvana has the legendary impact but a small body of both studio and live work. This is in part why the Foo Fighters strike me as the greatest rock band of their generation. They tick all three boxes better than anyone else...at least that’s what I see from my perch.


Greatest Rock bands for me (not necessarily in order):

Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
The Clash


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Someone once said that in the far future, historians will point to two bands as being most influential (not best, or technically the most proficient, nor popular, but influential): The Beatles and Kraftwerk.
I think you meant “the Beatles and Bob Dylan”


The Who, and then we can quibble over the others.
You know, I don't think I ever knowingly listened to a Who song. Where should I start?

Edit: I think I listened to a fragment of a song with a weird choir (from Tommy I think) and went, 'nOt fOr mE'


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The down and dirty introduction..

My Generation: The Very Best of The Who
Live at Leeds

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