Greenback cab to go with my new Bedrock?


I hooked the Bedrock 1400 back up today and jammed on it a little longer than I did the other night when I brought it home, that was just to see if it worked right and to satisfy myself that I actually played the new piece of gear.

Anyways, hooked it up to my Mesa Stiletto 4x12 today with Mesa V30s in it (had it on my Budda 4x12 with Phat speakers the other night) and I can already tell this amp, even on lower volume, is way punchier and going to feel like Ali punching me in the chest when I hit the lower E. Haven't felt an amp do that since my Red Bear MKE120 was running last through the Red Bear 4x12 with Celestion 75s...that amp seemed like it wanted to shake pictures off the wall and suck the oxygen out of the room.

Anyways, there is a local guy selling an Avatar Traditional 4x12 with Celestion Greenbacks in it. Dunno if they're Chinese or English as I haven't gone to see it yet. Anyways, do you think a good "clean" crunch Marshall 800'esque amp is going to sound good through Greenbacks for hair rock? Jamming on a lot of Steel Panther, TNT, Winger, etc right now. I know they're lower wattage speakers and the cab is only 100 watts, and even though this is only a 50 watt amp, it's rather punishingly loud, sorta like my Budda SD45...way louder than the factory rating lets on.


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If the speakers came with the cab new, they are most likely Chinese. That said, I'd rock that combination.

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