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I have a Framus Ruby Riot two, 30 watt, EL84 based amp. It has a stock V30 and Greenback. I don't like the sound of the vintage 30, too much of that dense, middy, metal tone.

I would like to take it out in favor of another greenback. Any reason to think it won't work. My goal is great cleans and leads, of course. The Framus is preamp gain to my ears.

Can a Greenback handle this? I figure a 30 watt amp won't be the issue, I just hope I don't lose too much clarity. It seems like to much effort and lost shipping money to put in G12H30s, so it's another greenback or keep as is.

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I likey Greenbacks go for it.

I likey G12H30's too but they are too bright when new and too dull when broke in.


I have an 18-watt, el-84 based amp. I had the same problem w/ hearing too much mid. I switched the Weber designed, vintage g12h30 types for greenbacks (Chinese made), and that so far is working for me. These speakers, however, do break up more than the other ones I had so if you want to maintain the clarity you're talking about(?) these may not work for you.

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