Greetings from beautiful Queens, New York


Hello Everyone-- I'm a solo guitar player-hobbyist who just likes to make pretty sounds. I picked up the instrument around the time of our (first) conflict with Saddam and the Iraqis, right before Nirvana slayed G'N'R, along with the rest of my middle-school heroes. Couple years later, when I learned to play Gilmour's "Mother" solo, I was as proud as I've ever been of myself; to make a little piece of music like that happen, for real... It's those kinds of gratification that keep me playing-- I'm just in it for moments of melody and sustain; hence the LP-- but I got a day job, don't play in bands; no time, even if I wanted to...

Today, I'm fortunate to have a couple pieces of decent American gear, and am now interested in building my first British (or at least classic British-style) amp. I was drawn to The Gear Page because I have little background in electronics or DIY, and there seem to be so many contributors here with detailed knowledge and firsthand experience using both the vintage, iconic gear we all love, and their associated high-quality clones. Also, reviews, and so on...

By way of introduction, some of my favorite guitar sounds of all-time can be heard on:

"Stay"; Earl Slick w/ Bowie, Carlos Alomar, 3/23/76 (also, "Panic In Detroit," even better than Ronson)
"Just a Little Something"; Michael Bloomfield w/ Electric Flag (also, his "A-Flat Boogaloo")
"Weekapaug Groove"; Trey Anastasio w/ Phish, 3/22/93
"Too Much"; Scotty Moore w/ Elvis (maybe my fave guitar solo on a #1 pop jam, until "Beat It")
"Stardust"; Charlie Christian w/ Benny Goodman
"I'm Evil"; Roy Buchanan, Live Stock

Nothing too controversial. And nothing current on my all-time list, sadly, but it's not exactly a golden age of guitar-oriented song styling we're living in-- or maybe it is, but my time is short, and I need better curators. Maybe I should get into the new Chris Forsyth record...

I recently bought my first acoustic in years; an OM-28, and I'm really happy with it. The most recent song I learned to play on it was Bob Dylan's "Poor Boy." And a song that sounds so nice, when played on my current electric rig, that one can't help but chuckle is "In My Room," Beach Boys. But now I want to set up a different kind of rig so I can jam "Spoonful"-- you all know the one I mean. So that's why I'm here. I will set that thread up soon, and wrap this one up for now...


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