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Greetings from Holland


Dear forummembers,

My name is Josh, I live in Holland. I am playing the guitar now since 10 years.
Up untill now I have gathered some experience playing multiple bands, touring the country.
Also I had the opportunity to follow masterclasses with some of my guitaridols such as Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Robben Ford, Greg Koch and Carl Verheyen.

During the past years I had my quest for 'tone'.

My guitars consist of a custom-build 'Tommy Special Guitar' two-tone strat (swamp-ash) with Lindy Fralin pups; a really really REALLY good copy of a Gibson Les Paul Custom which I upgraded with orginal Gibson hardware and Lindy Fralin Pure PAF humbuckers; a Fender Tom Delonge strat (my brother bought it since he likes punk-music xD); a Taylor 314CE and a Sigma 12string.

Currently I play in a stereo setup with a Marshall JCM900 with 4x12 Bogner V30cab and a Meteoro Falcon50G with two 2x12cab.

My pedalboard consists of a One Control OC10, Real McCoy RMC3, John Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, Carl Martin AT compressor, Xotic RC Booster, Xotic BB Booster, Keeley modded Blues Driver, JHS the @.
In the effectsloop of both amps I have my Strymon Timeline.

Everything is powered via Voodoo Labs PP2+ and one PP Digital.
Cables are a mix of Sommer and Lava for patching and Monster for amp/guitar.

Looking forward to share my questions and answers with you in the future.

Love, peace and rock from Holland!

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