Greetings from Ireland


Hi all,
Glad to be here, I started playing when I was 18 in 1980 and began teaching in 1990. I currently work in IT. I live outside of Dublin.
Lets get one thing straight from the start, lately I've got serious GAS.

Electric Guitars
Fender Stratocaster - 1977 3 tone sunburst / maple / Reflex Reds active pu's
Fender Stratocaster - 50th Anniversary American Deluxe, 2 tone sunburst /maple, SCN pu's
Fender Stratocaster - 60th Anniversary, 3 tone sunburst / rosewood, American Vintage pu's
Fender Stratocaster - 2006 American Deluxe, cherry sunburst / rosewood, pearl scratchplate, SCN pu's
Fender Stratocaster - 1994 American Standard, 3 tone sunburst / rosewood, pearl scratch, Duncan Livewire pu's
Fender Stratocaster - 1997 American Standard, 3 tone sunburst / maple, stock pu's
Fender Telecaster - 1997 American Standard, 3 tone sunburst / maple, stock pu's
ESP S800 Superstrat - 1990 Transparent Purple Sunburst / rosewood, Floyd Rose, gold hardware EMG 89 / 2 EMG SA's
Gibson Les Paul Standard - 1991 cherry sunburst, Shadow EQ5 Active humbuckers / with push pull coil tap
Musicman - 1995 Silhouette Special, Metallic green / maple, pearl scratchplate, DiMarzio HSS
Heritage - 2007 H535 Custom, Golden Amber, Seymour Duncan 59's
Heritage - 2005 H575 Custom, Tobacco sunburst, Seymour Duncan 59's

Takemine EN10 - mahogany / cedar
Takemine FP360S - rosewood / spruce
Simon and Patrick Pro - mahogany / spruce
Simon and Patrick - mahogany / cedar
Seagull S6 - cherry / cedar
Seagull M6 - mahogany / cedar
La Patrie classical - rosewood / spruce

Squier Strat - cream / rosewood
Squier P Bass Special - sunburst / rosewood

all guitars are left handed

I used to play mostly rock and blues, for the last few years though I've steered towards jazz and fingerstyle ( hence the two latest Heritage acquisitions).
I've only lately got into the forum scene and have signed up to HC and HOC (Heritage Owners Club). Hi to all the guys from there that are here ,if you know what I mean.
Once again, glad to be here.
Regards ...
Nice collection of guitars, No amps? :D

Where did you get them all? I was in Dublin year and a half ago, and the couple of guitar shops I found didn't have much at all. Loved it there though and can't wait to go back! :AOK


Thanks guys ....

Forgot to post the amps :jo

Fender Cyber Twin
Roland Cube 30X

Effect units: various Roland, Boss and Zoom units

Sequencers: Yamaha QY20,QY70

lately I've been doing the guitar to pc thing
Line6 Toneport UX2
Guitar Rig 3
Band in a Box 2007

I got most of the guitars through a couple of local shops, I bought the last few, the two Heritage and the American Deluxe Cherry Strat online from Jay Wolfe in Florida and Southpaw in Texas.


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Welcome Southpaw! Stayed in Kildare last summer, and toured the country--the trip of my life! Came back engaged to be married. I'll get back as soon as possible.


Welcome SouthpawGuy! I'm surprised that username was available. Luck of the Irish? ;)

Anyway, nice collection of guitars. I suggest you stay out of the amp area, or you'll start to try to get an amp for each guitar :D

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