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Greetings From Los Angeles


Hey All,

My name's Dan and I live in Pasadena, CA. I work, for better or worse, as a copywriter at Guitar Center Corporate HQ:Devil. If you get the Guitar Buyer's Guide or Platinum Guide in the mail, most of that's me.

I've been playing for over 20 years now, started when I first heard Zeppelin ... The Rover to be exact. I love a pretty wide variety of music including (in no particular order) Johnny Winter, Iron Maiden, Steve Morse, Allan Holdsworth, Marvin Gaye, Carcass, Jethro Tull, Michael Hedges, Shawn Lane, Tom Waits, King's X ... and many, many more!

As far as gear goes, my main axe is a Schecter 006 Blackjack with Dimarzio p'ups (D-Sonic and PAF Joe, soon to be swapped for a Virtual Hot PAF and Virtual PAF), and the main amp is a '79 Marshall JMP 50-watt head, with a few Amp Shop mods (extra gain if you go through the HI input, and a Resonance control). So there ya go.


Welcome Dan, it's good to have someone from GC Corporate here on the forum. Perhaps you can give us some hints on how to negotiate good deals from the local GC stores :roll?


I've got a good buddy Bobby working at Guitar Center corporate... He does graphic design and such... Small world... Glad to have you...

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