Greetings from Memphis

I took up guitar as a way to write songs after I graduated college (I sang in a band in college but never played anything). Almost twenty years later, I still don't consider myself much of a guitarist--at least when it comes to lead work--but I'm an adept rhythm player and a decent finger picker.

When my wife and I moved to Memphis, I was actually able to reunite with the guitarist from my college band. We've held together a folk rock/power pop band called Short in the Sleeve for close to ten years now. We play locally once or twice a month and have released two albums--most recently in October.

I love chatting about/learning about all things music and guitar-related. I look forward to being a part of TGP community.

As gear goes, I keep things relatively spare. For electric, I play an AS Telecaster into a Vox AC15C1 and used six pedals. For acoustic, I play a Martin DM-15.

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