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    Thought that would stand out a bit!

    Came here to list some of my rack gear & didn't want to be one of those lurker type guys who just waft in like a stale egg fart and then wanders off again like the last bag of Doritos.

    Some of you may remember me from HRI.. and most of you won't, for those that do, Pull my finger, and for those that don't, sniff it. XD

    But yeah, um, I'm not really all into guitar these days, mostly focusing on writing and composition and other things which are career orientated, as opposed to seeing if I can pick fast enough to travel back in time.

    For those interested in checking out what I'm up to, feel free to visit my website or check out my soundcloud. For those that knew me from the good ole days, feel free to send me a message and tell me how fat you have gotten.

    Now, go over to the rack emporium thingie ma jiggy and buy my gear!

    peace and a modicum of love in a platonic "I love cake but it makes me fat but I won't eat it, ok I'll it, just give me the ****ing cake already" sort of way.


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