greetings from the land of enchantment

randy alameda

guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, cruzin' the net and found ya'll yesterday.
was stoked to see some of the great gear..
I think we can never have enough....!

Have been playin' since 1960, and performing since 1963,
still slogging along in our time of vanishing venues in New Mexico,
really thought that the Casinos would open up the local scene, but seems to be just 'more of the same XXXX!' It has brought some of the lesser known performers to the area, who had no venue's before, but if ya don't fit the formula you're SOL.
have a blues/rock band that scrapes up a few gig's a year, as we refuse to stoop to the undercut philosophy taken by similar groups in NM, I think you get what you pay for...and they aren't getting much more than the joy of performance......I'll get off the soapbox now and get to the meat...
I'm a slide guitar slinger who just can't get my sound without a Gibson in my hands , and my trusted 22 cal. Boogie's at the end of the cord, with only a Ross compressor in between. Depending on the venue I have a pair of boogie half cabs with EVM's I use for 'more cone"
Some of my Gibson's you can see and hear on the DarrellX band site on myspace
a few favorites....


76 Explorer, Jimmy Page signature, 62 Les Paul / SG remanufactured after a broken neck in 67, and a 94 TV Special made on my birthday...
look forward to talking with all..


With departed family who lived in Pecos & having visted all over NM:
a big greeting from snowy/chilly Chi-Town. Get your old bones over to Ojo Caliente or Arroyo Hondo and have a soak for me.
Peace - Bobby D.

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