Greetings from the Motor City - Or Thereabouts

Greetings from the Motorcity. I've been surfing Harmony Central for years and years and just kind of happened across this site last night after I bought a guitar from a fellow gear page patron.

Like many of you I suffer from a bank account crippling disease that requires me from time to time to buy lots of cool guitars, amps, and effects. It's a sickness that I have learned is more of an addiction.

I'm not a collector of gear though ~ everything I have gets beat up and battered on a regular basis. I think pretty guitars look good if you're into that kind of thing but I buy them to play them. Nothing sounds as good to me as a tortured strat or beat up Les Paul screaming through an old tube amp.

I play guitar in a band called Nevaeh ( which allows me to get buzzed, show off my stuff, and get some extra $'s which isn't all bad.

I have a side business building road cases and pedalboards (I'm not a dealer - I'm a custom manufacturer) so if you're ever in the market check me out.

During most of my boring day I pretend to pay attention at work as an engineer ~ its cool work but kind of boring at time.


Welcome aboard Mike. Yes, this place can be evil on the pocket book. But what fun.
From Livonia, Terry

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